• Aircraft Inspection

  • Aircraft Teardown

  • Consultancy

  • Delivery & Redelivery

  • Engine Management

  • Mid-Term Inspections

  • Project Management

  • Record Inspection

Aircraft Inspection

Through the management many commercial aircraft inspections and audit of a wide range of aircraft, we have extensive experience in pre-purchase / pre-acquisition of aircraft including Airbus, Boeing, Fokker and most regional aircraft types.

  • Detailed physical inspection of aircraft, including engine & APU borescope
  • In depth audit of technical records in accordance with national airworthiness and contractual requirements
  • Aircraft specification & maintenance status
  • Establish aircraft’s compliance with all mandatory airworthiness directives and for airframe and engine manufacturer service bulletins
  • Audit of installed avionic inventory
  • Audit of landing gears and engines
  • Summary of aircraft maintenance condition